Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Prom treasures in the closet

I decided to clean out the closet last night and wouldn't you know that I found some of my old prom dresses. These will soon belong to whoever is lucky enough to snatch them up at my local Goodwill. Clearly I had excellent taste in high school. (Is everyone picking up on the sarcasm here?)  

Really, purple AND blue shiny material? Yes, please.

This dress has very heavy fabric

This was $300 when I bought it my Sr year, in all it's hot pink glory
I'm a little surprised they still fit, well sorta. The last one isn't zipped all the way. So sue me. Do you still have your prom dresses? Are they as amazing as mine? ;)


Miranda said...

holy crap $300?! I guess I just wasn't really into Prom. I went once and it was dull. But I actually like that 2nd dress...maybe because it is far away? lol

Nikki said...

Yes, $300 was a bit much, but I paid for half I think. The 2nd dress isn't really that bad, but it is covered in glitter lol