What's In a Name

"Raindrops on Wednesday" - The title of my blog came about because I heart rain. More than sun. Believe it. I chose Wednesday because it marks the half way point in the week so think of it like a "you can make it through anything because you're already half way there" metaphor. Pretty deep, huh? Don't over think it.

"Nicolette" - My name was chosen by my hippy parents because they loved the singer Nicolette Larson from the late 70's. I'm not sure they were really hippies, but I like to tell people they were.  

"Elise" - My middle name was from a TV show that I can never remember. Also, a crazy fact is that Nicolette Larson (see above) named her daughter Elsie 5 years after I was born! Weird that it's so close to my name? I think so!

"Scuttle" - My cat's name came from the Little Mermaid. Although, I'll be honest, I thought Scuttle was the fish, not the brainless seagull. Duh! Oh course the fish's name is Flounder. I don't know what I was thinking. But I still like the name Scuttle and my cat lives up to the name if you go by the following definition "to run with short, quick steps; scurry". We also call her Scuggy, Scugs, Bug, Buggy and Little Kitty.

"Santa" - My husband's cat, not the fat jolly man. And no, he was not rescued around Christmas. That's normally the first question people ask. Actually, I have no idea why Brandon named him Santa. He just always said "I want a cat named Santa" and now we have one. Our future children will be very confused when they think the kitty brings presents. They shall call him Santa Claws. (Oh yes, I did) We also call him Santissimo (like bravissimo, as in "well done; excellent"), Mr. Mo and Big Kitty.