Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Olympics

Yep, the Olympics have officially started and I couldn't be more excited. I LOVE the Olympics! Summer or winter, I'm glued to the TV. We got rid of our DVR a long time ago so watching this year is going to be a challenge. But let's not lie, no one ever catches up on all the hours and hours of events you taped anyway. You end up deleting huge chunks of programming just fit another 4 hour section on your DVR. And don't get me started on what happens when it overlaps with something else you want to tape and you're forced to choose between the Olympics and your favorite sitcom. Traumatic.

Wait, what are we talking about? This was supposed to be about the Olympics, not DVR's.

You would think my favorite part of the Olympics would be Track & Field since I've been a runner, like, forever. Well, you would be incorrect. Honestly, my favorite has to be women's soccer. Now wait, don't stop reading. Hear me out. Sure, men's soccer is faster paced blah blah blah... have you ever watched women's soccer?! They are just as intense. Fact: Women's soccer has been an Olympic sport since 1996, and the US has won gold every year but 2000, when they won silver. That proves that they have the cojones to battle it out just as well, if not better than the men. This year the team is going to be incredible, yet again.

The roster is everything I hoped it would be. If you don't know who Hope Solo is by now, you must live under a bridge like a troll. She's the best goal keeper out there, hands down. Or in her case, hands up... blocking everything. (Side note: my favorite sign that a fan made said "Marry me Hope, I'm Solo") Then you have Christie Rampone, Megan Rapinoe, Tobin Heath and Abby Wambach. I mean seriously, people. You should be excited! These girls are amazing and I hope you'll be glued to your TV today watching with me.

I will also be tuned in for the swimming because I would like to see Dara Torres finally win a gold medal in an individual event *Ca'mon Dara, you can do this!* Plus, I'll be cheering for 17 year old Missy Franklin. If you haven't seen her singing in the US swim team's Call Me Maybe video, you need to watch this. Oh yea, I like Michael Phelps too, no big deal.

What's your favorite part of the Olympics?

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Color Run Columbus

The Color Run was a success!

When I first wrote about it here I was pumped! But let me tell you, actually doing it was even better. We got there bright and early along with thousands of other people impatiently waiting the start of the best 5K ever. We had one goal: Do not leave with a single white spot on your shirt. Mission accomplished, my friends.

The volunteers mostly aim low while flinging the colorful dust so we started leaning down into the cloud in order to get it on the top of our shirts. Turns out it doesn't feel great on your contact lenses, but it's excellent in your hair. The key is to go through the puff frontwards, backwards, arms up, skipping and hopping as long as you keep your mouth shut. It doesn't taste all that great. Now we know.

Honestly, this post will be better with mostly pictures so here we go...



Now let's back up a little...

Headin' into the blue. My favorite.

"Put your arms up!" Great advice.

Some volunteers wore masks. I don't blame them!

My friend since we were lil' kiddos and fellow blogger, Ellie got a little covered, I'd say

One of the volunteers (aka 14 year old boy) decided to dump it down my back getting more stuck in my sports bra than on my shirt. Fail. 

What it looks like to be on the outside of the color-cloud finale:

And on the inside:

Note to self: When throwing color in the air, try not to get it right in your own face.

My college friend (twin) and fellow blogger, Holly found me in the crowd. Sadly, I had already whiped most of the color off my face by this point. Holly, not so much.

True statement!

Staining clothing even after a couple showers is ok with me. Just don't wear anything you can't bleach. They had a clean up station, which was basically a dude with a leaf blower. We chose to try to keep as much color on our shirts as possible so we skipped that part and just sat on towels for the car ride home. If they come back to Columbus next year, I'm in! Whos' with me?! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Ok Thursday...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok...

To think about taking your own anniversary pictures because you're too cheap to pay someone else. I have a Nikon DSLR and the skills required, this will be fine.

To make every attempt to watch the Olympics this year without a DVR. Wish me luck!

To put a note in my husbands lunch saying "thanks for letting me have the leftovers" and make him eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Especially when the leftovers are from Buca di Beppo. Yum! But I packed him a couple cookies to make up for it.

To think it's normal when your toenails turn purple and fall off from running too much. Wait, does this not happen to you? Never mind.

To not understand how women wear flats without getting painful blisters on the backs of their heels! Seriously, what is your secret?!

To be obsessed with all things spicy! What can I say, I like it hot.

To spy on your family members via their Facebook and Instagram pages. And by spy I mean crack up laughing at things they would never have told you, but feel comfortable enough to post to the world wide web. Good times.

To eat M&M's one color at a time. Always save all the blue for last.

To not be able to help but like Kate Nash's song "Dickhead". Listen to it here. Hilariously simple. And oh so true at times. (Warning: The F word is used several times.)

To want to bother people who put up the "do not disturb" sign on their IM at work.

To judge people based on their cell phone covers. I know right away if we can be friends, or if I'd rather avoid you for life. I mean covered in little rhinestones like your Bedazzler threw up on it, at our age? Seriously? You must be single.


What are you saying "it's ok" to today?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who, me?

I'm jumping on the blogger bandwagon with this one. So sue me.

If you really knew me...

You'd know that I'm OCD when it comes to organizing things.

You'd know that I don't have a smartphone.

You'd know that I'm not a drinker. Especially not wine. 

You'd know that I rarely leave the house without at least mascara.

You'd know that I think the days I work from home aren't worth a shower.

You'd know that I've VERY indecisive. It's my achilles heal in life.

You'd know that I swear way too much, but don't plan to stop.

You'd know that I hang around the house in men's basketball shorts way too often.

You'd know that I run because I can & eat what I want.

You'd know that I'm jealous of people who have perfectly straight hair.

You'd know that I get really irritable without chocolate in the house. 

You'd know that I still don't know what I want to do when I "grow up".

You'd know that I'm obsessed with photography, but too lazy to do it for a living.

You'd know that my pet of choice is a cat, hands down.

You'd know that I would rather ride in a car than drive. Anywhere.

You'd know that I would travel around the world if I won the lottery.

You'd know that I check my Facebook page way too much.

You'd know that I HATE when people end a sentence in the word "at".

You'd know that my feet are always covered in blisters. Gross, I'm aware.

You'd know that my favorite thing on earth is a back scratch.

You'd know that I like hiking & camping. No, seriously.

You'd know that I'm always hungry. Bottomless pit, right here.

You'd know that paper cuts are my worst nightmare.

You'd know that I used to chase my sister around with daddy long legs.

You'd know that I'm pale as a ghost, and finally ok with it.

You'd know that I actually like saving money so I can retire early.

You'd know that I LOVE my family. Especially when they flip the bird at Thanksgiving.


Did ya learn anything new?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Ok Thursday & My Birthday!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok...
To be overly excited about my birthday TODAY!
To have already been spoiled enough this month to not get a gift on my actual birthday.
To think everything Dane Cook says is hilarious.
To wonder what this bump on my forehead is... looks like poison ivy, but doesn't itch. TMI?
To listen to a song on repeat. All day. No, seriously.
To stop and ask your neighbor questions while walking his dog.
To eat pasta for lunch again because you're too lazy to make anything else.
To be excited about this weekend (The Color Run & Jazz and Rib Fest)!!
To wonder why you bother trying to make plans with certain people.
To eat as much ice cream as your husband.
To wear smelly socks to run in for the 2nd day in a row. Wait, what?
Today is my birthday!!
Yep, getting closer to 30 all the time.
My husband & I have taken the day off work and even though there will probably be a thunder storm at some point today, I'm going to enjoy it. Although, all our plans were to do things outdoors so this should be interesting.
I'm calling this my "birthday on a dime" to prove that you can still have a good time and not spend a ton of money. Believe it. First up is a trip to the Zoo. We have a membership so technically, this is free. We will most likely bring in Subway (yes, it's allowed) so we aren't tempted to buy expensive concession stand/food court items. While we're at it, we'll use the points on our Subway card to purchase said subs, so those will be free too.

After the zoo we have a couple options. We're not sure which we'll choose to do yet. Either we'll go to the Clippers baseball game or we'll go to Trapper Johns and rent kayaks for a couple hours. If we go to the game, it would cost about $10 per ticket. Not too shabby. If we go to Trapper Johns and print a buy-one-get-one coupon from their website, we could rent two kayaks for $15 total. Hmm.

Who can forget dinner?! A girl's gotta eat, right? If we go to Uno's I could use my coupon for 1 free entree. If we go anywhere else we'll be paying full price but it would be the biggest expense of the day, so that's probably ok. I've been wanting to try Milestone 229 downtown so maybe we'll end up there. It overlooks Bicentennial Park with it's huge fountains.

For the evening, we have another couple options. (Can you tell I'm indecisive?) Perhaps we'll go to Scioto Downs and bet on the horses. Or maybe we'll go downtown to the Columbus Commons to see The Floorwalkers concert. If we go to the harness races, it's free to park and only $2 to bet on a horse! (At least it was $2 before, but now that it's reopened with a new casino and what-not, maybe it's a little more money for each bet. Idk.) The Floorwalkers concert is also free to go to and they're fantastic. If you don't know their stuff, look 'em up.

So maybe you're thinking "but you spent money on gas getting to each place" and that's correct. But our car gets on average, 43 mpg so it's really not that much money. And no, it's not a new hybrid. I'm not a hybrid kinda gal. So there you have it! Birthday on a dime. If we get rained out on everything, we'll just go see a movie for $4 each. SCORE!
Have a good day everyone! I know I will :]