Friday, July 27, 2012

The Color Run Columbus

The Color Run was a success!

When I first wrote about it here I was pumped! But let me tell you, actually doing it was even better. We got there bright and early along with thousands of other people impatiently waiting the start of the best 5K ever. We had one goal: Do not leave with a single white spot on your shirt. Mission accomplished, my friends.

The volunteers mostly aim low while flinging the colorful dust so we started leaning down into the cloud in order to get it on the top of our shirts. Turns out it doesn't feel great on your contact lenses, but it's excellent in your hair. The key is to go through the puff frontwards, backwards, arms up, skipping and hopping as long as you keep your mouth shut. It doesn't taste all that great. Now we know.

Honestly, this post will be better with mostly pictures so here we go...



Now let's back up a little...

Headin' into the blue. My favorite.

"Put your arms up!" Great advice.

Some volunteers wore masks. I don't blame them!

My friend since we were lil' kiddos and fellow blogger, Ellie got a little covered, I'd say

One of the volunteers (aka 14 year old boy) decided to dump it down my back getting more stuck in my sports bra than on my shirt. Fail. 

What it looks like to be on the outside of the color-cloud finale:

And on the inside:

Note to self: When throwing color in the air, try not to get it right in your own face.

My college friend (twin) and fellow blogger, Holly found me in the crowd. Sadly, I had already whiped most of the color off my face by this point. Holly, not so much.

True statement!

Staining clothing even after a couple showers is ok with me. Just don't wear anything you can't bleach. They had a clean up station, which was basically a dude with a leaf blower. We chose to try to keep as much color on our shirts as possible so we skipped that part and just sat on towels for the car ride home. If they come back to Columbus next year, I'm in! Whos' with me?! 


Jenn said...

Ok, I'm convinced....I need to do this run! :) Looks like you had such a great time!

Nicholl Vincent said...

i wanna sign up now!! looks so fun

happy friday! come say hi at!

Denise said...

I am doing a color run in October and I'm really excited about it. This looks so fun! Did you have someone there taking photos for you? I would imagine you don't want to run with your camera, but just wondering how the cameras survive all of the paint? I definitely would like to document my experience. Any tips for the run would be appreciated. It's my first 5k.

Nikki said...

Denise - I ran with an old crappy camera that I didn't mind getting a little colorful. My husband took pictures from the sidelines with our other newer camera that we didn't want in the mess. You can do a couple things:
1) Cover it in saran wrap, leaving just a big enough hole for the lens. This keeps your screen and buttons protected, but you'll still have to be careful not to get it down in the lens, which honestly it's too hard as long as you're paying attention.
2) Put it in a ziploc bag. When you run through the color zones, just zip it up and when you're between the zones, you can pull it out and snap some pics. But I will say that your hands will be covered in colorful dust so this can be tricky.
For the most part you can just carefully blow the color off of it at the end of the race, which is what I did. I got a little down in my buttons, but it didn't seem to harm it. To me, it's worth having the pictures. I just put it up under my shirt when we ran through the color zones which prevented it from taking any direct hits of color dust.
As for tips for the run, I would actually say walk it! lol The point is to get as colorful as possible, so take your time :) Here in Columbus, the color zones got so backed up that you had to walk through them anyway because of so many people.
Hope all this helps! You'll have a great time!