Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If I were a...

I've seen several of these type of posts floating around the blog world lately so I decided to do my own. I changed some of the items. Because I can. Oh and I'm really indecisive so I've picked two of each.

If I were a house, I would be a craftsman style home.

If I were a quote, I would be either of these:

If I were a type of food, I would be Italian or Mexican

If I were an alcoholic beverage, I would be a white russian or a Crispin hard apple cider

If I were someone famous, I would be Emma Stone with brown hair or Kate Middleton. Minus Will.  

If I were a holiday, I would be Christmas or my birthday (yes, it's a holiday)

If I were a vacation destination, I would be Bora Bora or any mountain range

What would you be?!