Friday, July 6, 2012

Festival season

When I think of summer, I think of festivals.
The weekends fill up fast and the taste buds crave deep fried Oreos. Yum!

We love to go to any and all festivals in the central Ohio area. I mean ca'mon, it's free entertainment! Although, I would pay for the people watching if they started charging. There is always this same man who comes out to every festival in Columbus. He dances as if he's high as a kite, and people love him. My favorite is when he dances in slow motion. Brilliant. Now that's what I call entertainment. I'm almost dissapointed if we don't see him.

Off all the festivals, these would have to be my favorites:


Also known as Community Festival, it's a big hippie party and I love it. Sure, women walk around topless, you get approached to sign every kind of petition under the sun and the occasional activist gets up on stage to lecture you, but who cares? Not me. This is a must for us every year & we try to get others to tag along. All ya need's a blanket and an open mind.

Jazz & Rib Fest

Hot ribs, cool jazz. The lines can be long if you want the best ribs, but it's worth it. Every restaurant booth has their trophies on display from years past. Plus, we always manage to score free Kraft macaroni too! This year we'll be going to Rib Fest directly after I finish The Color Run so I'll be sweaty & colorful. As will thousands of other people, I'm sure.

The Pumpkin Show

This is a little outside of Columbus in Circleville. It's such an event that the town shuts down for about a week and people pack the streets every day. They flavor any food you can think of with pumpkin: burgers, pizza, bread, doughnuts... the list goes on and on. My favorite still has to be the soft pumpkin cookies, and Brandon's is definitely the pumpkin ice cream. Boring, I know.

So head out to festivals this summer. All ya need's some sunscreen and a smile.

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Anonymous said...

you forgot the sweet corm festival!