Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not your typical election day post

Today is the big day. I'm so ready for the commercials to be over and life to go on. I'm not going to tell you who I'm voting for. It's none of your business. I would hope you've already made up your mind.

What I will tell you I'm voting for is a flatter stomach. You heard me. Today I'm going to start working out again. Ever since my marathon accomplishment back on October 21st, I've been taking a bit of a break. That was a long 18 weeks of brutal training and I needed to rest. Then came Halloween and I ate my weight in Kit Kat bars, I'm sure of it. Plus, remember how I mentioned eating 3,136 calories for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory? Now it's November and that means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I have a pretty good metabolism, but my body was used to exercise and is now confused.
Brandon wanted to start another round of P90X like we did right around this time last year. He did it for a week and now remembers how much he hated it. And by hate, I mean like a love/hate relationship. He hasn't popped the DVD back in yet but I'm sure he'll come around. I'm not sure if I'm feelin' Tony Horton anymore. Maybe I'm just tired of the same old stuff. I've been told to try Insanity, but I'm too cheap to buy it. I would go run, but it's cold outside and only going to get worse. The feeling of running in the winter when your chest and lungs are burning is not in my top 5 favorite things to do. I have an elliptical and recumbent bike in the basement but I get tired of them after about 15 minutes. I could break out the Wii Fit, but those "workouts" are kind of a joke and not at all challenging.
So what's a girl to do? Eat less Cheesecake Factory. Done. But where has my motivation gone, and more importantly, how do I get it back? I hope I snap out of this funk before Christmas so I can eat as many gingerbread cookies as I want. I don't like this lazy side of me. I liked being active and feeling less... sloppy. Now I'm kind of a whiner. Just like all the poeple I can't stand who complain about how they look or feel but do nothing about it. I guess that's my motivation! To get back to being me again. 
What are you voting for? Turns out I'm voting for an attitude adjustment, not just a flatter stomach.

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