Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Husband guest post

This whole NaBloPoMo stuff is tough. I'm running out of things to blog about every day so I've asked the hubs to take a turn. This picture pretty much sums up the face when he accepted. Grit you teeth and smile. Oh and don't mind the cat stickers he has on his shirt. Those were from an (almost) 2 year old. Here's what he had to say...

I’ve been “asked” to write a guest post on Nikki’s blog, so for those of you who enjoy funny, well written posts, thanks for coming, stop reading here wait for tomorrow.  Here is my perspective on compromise in marriage.  I’m about to get myself in trouble… I don’t care, I’m trying to watch TV.  Really I’m not going to reveal some great secret that you haven’t heard 100 times, I’m just going to reinforce the concept with my personal experience.  Compromise consists of my wife asking me to do something, me saying I don’t think I’d like that, then being told I have to do it.  You might say, “Brandon, you’re a grown ass man, you don’t have to do it” to which I respond, "wrong"!  I am indeed a grown ass man, who is growing a beard, but only because I asked her if it was ok first.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory says that women’s eardrums have evolved with a sensitivity to higher pitched sounds so they wake up when a baby cries.  Well I think women have honed the same skill to whine at a pitch that requires men to do what they want. That, or we just don’t want to deal with bitchy women. Kidding.  I’ll add that my wife must be preoccupied listening for baby (kitty) cries because she completely ignores everything I say and I have a great deal of important things to say most of the time.  I apologize for wasting everyone’s time with this post, in particular mine if I wrote all this and it never makes it to the blog.  Despite my objections to doing this, I wasn’t really given a choice since my wife “ASKED” me so nicely until my ears hurt.  Plus I don’t really feel like camping on the couch tonight J

One last thing to add, while writing this, Nikki brought me a cookie which meant she truly appreciated me trying to do this for her.  After taking my first bite I looked up, she pointed at the blanket I had on my lap and smiled.  SON OF A BITCH, now I’m cold!


Jennifer Corsi said...

Oh that's really funny! What a good husband to do her bidding and only bitchh a little bit. :)

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

LOL! Love this!