Saturday, November 24, 2012

Random thoughts

Here's what's on my mind today...
Did you go shopping at midnight? How about 3am? I did not. I stayed home, sound asleep and avoided the crowds. I never go out on Black Friday because I don't have the patience for it. Standing in lines outside the store until they open when it's 30 degrees? No, thank you. Standing in lines inside when people are pushing. No, thank you again. It's supposed to be a fun thing to do and many families have turned it into a tradition, but there's always a jerk or two out there looking to pick a fight with the guy who got the last TV.  I would rather participate in Small Buisiness Saturday today or jump online for cyber Monday. I was trying to think of places to go shop small but there really aren't that many around me. Or maybe I just don't know about them, which is possible. Do you have a favorite local shop? 


Today's the big day: Ohio State vs That Team Up North! If you live in this state you know what you're doing at noon today. Sitting in front of a TV or in Ohio Stadium watching OSU stomp our biggest rival. Again. I'll be sitting on my couch with my husband and cats, keepin' it low key. Let's Go Bucks!


The NHL has now officially cancelled the All Star game in Columbus. I'm so bummed. We had tickets and even though I'll like getting the money back for them, it would have been nice to have gone to the game. Ya know, if they weren't going through a lockout and actually had "all stars" to pick.

What's on your mind?

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