Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Window Shopping

We set out for the mall yesterday to find things for our Christmas lists. I was told we were "not buying anything, just looking" I don't know how many times. Yea, I get it, leave my wallet at home, blah blah blah. Part of me likes to shop alone because I'm very indecisive so I take a long time to pick things out. The other part of me knows that my husband has excellent taste so I like him to spot the good stuff while I'm debating over the blue or green sweater. Or maybe purple. See what I mean? The first store we went into was Macy's. Let me just start by saying, I'm not a huge fan of shopping and I hate the way department stores are laid out these days. Why does each designer have to have their own section? Heaven forbid you mix Michael Kors with Calvin Klein. I want to see all the sweaters in the entire store in the same place. I could care less who's name is on the tag. I'm sure some of you are shocked and would never agree but that's ok with me.

I was looking for nice clothes to wear to work. Brandon pointed out a light brown pant suit that was actually pretty. However, with my pale skin I would look like a walking band-aid. Strike one. We rounded the corner to find a work appropriate, little black dress. At first glance I said "it's ok" but was convinced to try it on just for kicks. As soon as I zipped it up, I felt 5 years older. In a good way. It was perfect. The very simple design looked boring on the hanger, but very flattering on me. Wow, conceded much? But seriously, I never find things that fit like this. I'm tiny so shopping in the women's department has always been a nightmare. Even the "extra small" shirts are never small enough. I know, what a terrible problem to have, right? But it really is. The clothes in the juniors section fit me, but I'm not into dress clothes that look more like clubwear. On occasion, I do find clothes that fit from the women's department but only after I've talked my husband into stripping the mannequin like a creeper while I wait in the dressing room. God love 'em. Hey, it's not my fault they put the "smalls" on display. He almost always throws a cardigan over her so she's not naked at least. Semi-naked is acceptable.
Anyway, we walked away from the dress since we weren't there to buy but I snapped a picture of the tag to add to my list. After several more stores we came across these skinny belts for only $3-$5 each and thought "these would look nice with that dress". We broke our "just looking" rule and left with four of them. Then my husband realized that means we would have to get the dress. Oh darn. He picked it out and obsessed over it the whole day so I sort of knew it would end up in our car before the end of the day without me having to say a word. Isn't it normally the other way around with the husband trying to talk the wife OUT of buying something? I like this way much better.
All told, I found about five or six things to put on my Christmas list so it was a successful trip. Technically I'm not allowed to wear the dress until after Christmas, but I doubt it will get wrapped and put under the tree. Oh and when did clothes become so expensive?! I found a brown cardigan that I loved... until I saw the price tag. $80, I kid you not. Do people really spend that much money on clothes now? I guess I'm just cheap. I will say that it definitely seemed like it would hold up for a long time, unlike the thin $20 ones at Target that get holes in them, but still. So what's on your Christmas list?

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