Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY T-Shirt Scarves

I decided to actually make something I pinned on Pinterest. Crazy concept, huh? I went with the two different t-shirt scarves pictured above. How hard could they be, right? So months ago I set out for Goodwill for a couple old XL t-shirts. I came home with four and started on the first scarf. I was excited and feelin' crafty when I followed this easy tutorial. She claims to have only taken about 15 minutes, but I spent about an hour. I'm sure of it. Perhaps she cuts circles faster than me. Or maybe it was because I kept stopping to examine her pictures and say "wait, is this right?" over and over again. Leave it to me to make the simplest directions seem like an IKEA instruction manual with too many diagrams and not enough numbered parts. Somehow I made it through and came up with this as my finished product:

It's not terrible, right? I didn't add the flower because I thought it was fine without and I was tired of playing Martha Stewart for the night. No wonder people pin things and never actually make them. It takes skills. Skills that I lack, apparently. Oh wait, no, that's patience. Patience is what I lack. I threw the other three t-shirts in the closet for a rainy day. Fast forward about 6 months to present day. That darn Pinterest got me again. I was tricked into thinking I could make another t-shirt scarf. So I pulled up this tutorial. It didn't have step by step picture instructions, but seemed easy enough. So here's what you do... Dig out another t-shirt from the closet. Bonus points if it's covered in cat hair. Apparently my cats have been laying on them when I'm not looking. Anyway, snip snip and here's what I came up with:
Again, not too shabby for a rookie DIYer. But again, she claims to have only taken 10 minutes and I absolutely took over an hour. Woe is me. So there you have it. Two t-shirt scarves down, and two fully intact XL t-shirts still in the closet acting as cat beds. What else can I do with them? Is there something great you've pinned made of t-shirts? Do tell. I would love to hear it, even especially if it's not a scarf.

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