Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Parenting blogs

I'm obsessed with parenting blogs and I don't even have any kids. I don't mean the boring advice kind, I mean the kind of blog that's devoted to the funny things kids say and do. It all started when I was stalking reading my friend's Facebook page and saw that she shared a link to the blog Crappy Pictures, by Amber Dusick. She said it was hilarious so I checked it out. I was hooked from that day forward. In fact, I'm sure I went back and read every post ever written. It took me over 3 hours but I laughed so hard, it didn't matter. This is taken straight from Amber's "about me" section: "I started this whole thing because I was going crazy and needed a place to vent. Since I don’t have a photographer following me around, I wound up drawing some crappy pictures to illustrate the day to day things that happen as a parent". You really need to check out her blog. Like, now.

Then in October, Amber did a wonderful thing and start collaborating with other funny parent bloggers. That's how I found Jason Good, Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva and Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids. There were others, but these three stood out for me. I look forward to getting my email notifications of a new post. Sometimes when they all write on one day it's like I've won the humor lottery. On occasion, I'll even read them out loud to my husband because they're that funny. But don't take my word for it, read them yourself. I get to sit back and read all the fun stories about what kids do without dealing with the yelling and temper tantrums. It's great!  What blogs do you read?


Sarah said...

Jason Good is one of my all time favorites. I sometimes laugh so hard I cry. The best part is that it's so true what he writes!

I also read Dig this Chick but it's less funny and more just a story of their life, but I think you might like it...

Nikki said...

Thanks, Sarah! I'll check it out.