Friday, November 16, 2012

Elegant Elliephant


My friend, Ellie is crazy talented. She has a shop on Etsy here and also sells her stuff at Celebrate Local at the Easton Town Center mall in Columbus. She makes beautiful coasters and magnets. You should really own some. (The bottom of this post can make that even easier) This is my set:

I wanted to mix things up so I chose random paper with similar colors. Your set can be more matchy-matchy if you'd like, don't worry. Here are some more examples:

She designed these Ohio coasters

Custom order made from a runner's bib

For a local photographer's shop

The finished product, drying
In case you need a little Harry Potter in your life
Stone magnets

Glass magnets

More stone magnets
The possibilities are endless! She does custom orders so you can put whatever your little heart desires on a coaster or magnet. Contact her for more details of how to go about doing such a thing. She's very helpful and easy to talk to, don't be scared.
Here's her corner of the Celebrate Local store in the mall

You can also find her at art festivals showing off the goods
But here's the best part of this entire post... you can now take 10% off by using "SilverBells" on your Etsy order!! Offer ends December 1st! There may even be a special code on her shop page on Black Friday *wink wink*   
If you love her as much as I do, you can find her on Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, Twitter @elegantelliephant or shoot her an email at Now start Christmas shopping for everyone on your list!

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