Friday, November 2, 2012

What happens in traffic

We all have those moments in the car when a song comes on that you LOVE. You can't help but dance.

Clearly, the only reasonable thing to do is crank the radio and sing along. Bonus if you sit in traffic long enough to find the same song on two different radio stations. Let's face it, they all replay the new stuff about 3 times an hour. My husband and I have become big fans of Carly Rae Jepsen's, Call Me Maybe. And by big, I mean huge. We blame it on the Olympic swim team's video for being so amazing. It got us hooked. We break out all the classic moves like the fist pump. Everyone has thrown a fist pump or two in traffic, right?

Brandon never lets me videotape him dancing in the car, or anywhere for that matter, but he has some signature moves when a good song comes on. This unusual dance move, whatever it may be, was caught while drinking. That'll teach him to let his guard down. I was caught mid sentence yelling "tell me you got that". Now if only it were a video instead. Blast!

Anyway, back to the car. I'm pretty sure you should get extra points if the person next to you in traffic starts dancing too. It's too cold this time of year to roll down the windows to let them hear the music, but they get the idea that you're singing to your favorite song. No explanation needed. Sometimes I even scare my husband when a good song comes on. I'll gasp before reaching for the volume and he goes into panic mode looking for a homeless man that is surely about to run into the road based on my brief hyperventilation. I'm not sure why he has to be homeless.
The worst is when you're flipping through your presets and you find the very end of your favorite song. How disappointing is that?! You go from cloud nine to rock bottom in 2-point-5 seconds. There should be a repeat button in cars. I'm not sure how it would be possible, but someone needs to figure that out, stat! I'll wait right here.

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Sarah said...

Love it :) we're big fans of Carly Rae, too!