Saturday, November 3, 2012

That time I met Angela Lansbury


Have you ever met anyone famous? Perhaps you live in New York and see them at the market like it's no big deal. But I live in Ohio. No one famous randomly walks down the street. 

I met Mrs. Potts in New York City. I was in eighth grade on a trip with my mom's students. (How cool is that school field trip?!) Don't mind the over sized t-shirt I'm wearing in the picture. I clearly knew how to impress on 5th Avenue. No, actually it was pouring down rain all day so my first shirt of the day was soaked. I popped into The Gap and this shirt was the only thing in my price range. It was actually an XS in the women's department too, thankyouverymuch. I just happened to be a whole 90 lbs in eighth grade so nothing fit. Wait, where is this going? This is supposed to be about meeting someone famous... 

We were walking down the sidewalk when we spotted a hunter green limo. Next thing we knew, Angela Lansbury popped out from the building right next to us. There were no big groups of people with cameras or lots of security or anything, it was just like she was an average Joe. With a hunter green limo, of course. We asked if we could take a picture with her. She smiled and said "certainly". Afterward, she told us to be safe and hopped in the car. We went on about our day with a story to tell later.

This was my one random, stumble-upon-a-famous person moment. Sure, I've been to concerts and athletic events and have seen "famous" people that way, but it's not at all the same. Who have you met or would love to run into by accident?

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Miranda said...

that is so cool! my husband and i went to a taping of 'that 70's show' and afterwards the whole cast (except Topher who plays Eric) gave everyone autographs, hugs, etc. it was really cool.