Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Birthday D squared

Two of my favorite people share a birthday. Oh and they happen to be mother and daughter.

Donna and Danielle are like family to me. I mean look at them! How can you not love these two?! Danielle has been my best friend for nearly 13 years. (I think, is that right?) Donna, a second mother. I've been through it all and they've stood by my side. When Danielle and I ran cross country together, Donna was there cheering us on in the cold. At 7am. On a Saturday. When Danielle has a Halloween party, Donna's right there dressed up with us. Danielle has been there for me through all my highs and lows. And there have been some extremely tough lows. Somehow, she keeps me together. We have a "non-mushy" friendship and it's perfect. She gets me. We don't hug because we both like our personal space. We use sarcasm in most, if not all of our conversations. Ok, definitely all of them.

But enough talk, let's get to the embarassing photos...

Parents at one of those cross country races


Homecoming (2000 maybe)

Pep Rally

Oh the things you take pictures of in high school...

Prom 2003
Freezing at a cross country race

High school

Danielle's graduation party 2003

Graduation 2003

There's that husband of hers

Couple years ago

My wedding 2008

Danielle's wedding 2009

Her adorable daughter, Leah (who's way bigger now)

The Color Run 2012

Happy Birthday D squared!
PS - I wish I shared a birthday with Ryan Gosling.

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