Friday, November 23, 2012

Photo-An-Hour (Thanksgiving)

My Thanksgiving day, in pictures...
8AM - Had to scrape the windshield before we headed to my cousin's
9AM - Nice sunny morning for the Turkey Trot 5k
10AM - Standing at the start line waiting to get our run on
11AM - Doesn't my cousin look so happy about running? She wasn't.
12PM - Started putting together our appetizers at Dad's house
1PM - Killin' time at Dad's before we head to my aunt & uncle's
2PM - Painted my nails "Skin Tight Denim"
3PM - Plate full of appetizers = very happy camper
4PM - Watching a little football
5PM - Playing Apples to Apples
6PM - Breaking out the wine
7PM - Still playing Apples to Apples
8PM - Me and Dad
9PM - Of course we had to take our traditional pictures. (Read this if you don't know about the middle finger deal.)

There aren't many of us, but we always have a great time together. Happy Thanksgiving to all the rest of my family in different cities and states! Gobble, gobble.

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lil desiqua said...

Apples to Apples is my all time favorite game! And I love that nail color- perfect dark blue! Looks like you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!