Friday, April 13, 2012

Old lady Leet

Happy Birthday, Lauren Leet!

Yep, my old roommate is turning 27. She now lives about 1,000 miles away from me so this blog post will have to do since we can't go out for Mexican to celebrate. Tragic, I know. I'll take a rain check for this summer. 

I've been through everything with this girl. The first time we met at college orientation, I knew we would be friends. We lived together for 3 years in a different crappy typical college dorm/house/apartment before she ditched me to transfer to OSU. (Remember when we almost transfered to Kentucky together because you're obsessed with their basketball team?)

We've been to London together, stood in Times Square for 7 hours for New Years Eve & vacationed in Laguna Beach for spring break. Man, I miss the days when we just picked up and left because we could. Oh and Lauren, I'm serious about our 30th birthday trip to France/Switzerland/Italy. Start saving money. How about we go for 2 weeks & really soak it up? HA!

Lauren fears birds, loves The Yankees and UK basketball, laughs at jokes she didn't understand, drove to track practice in college (1/2 mile from our dorm), loves kids, got an "industrial" piercing through her ear when I pierced my tongue (see pics below), went on Valentine's dates with me when we were both single, toliet-papered a house then cried when we got caught, wore matching shirts with me, dressed like a skank in public and thought it was acceptable (don't worry La, so did I, we thought it was normal) and I wouldn't change a single thing about her. This girl is a true friend for life.

Over the years, we've taken thousands of pictures. Here are just a few (ok, more than a few) that bring up some great memories we've had together.

I hope you have a great birthday! Love ya LaLa!

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