Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's Ok...

That I had to take care of my sick husband earlier this week. I washed my hands every 10 minutes! I didn't want whatever he had going on, he was miserable.

That my vet bill is through the roof because my poor kitty had a blocked bladder and it almost caused kidney failure which would have resulted in death :(

That my Grandma & Papaw's house is now sold and I'll never step foot in that door ever again. Lots of good memories of them and that house will live in my heart forever.

That I'm behind on my work because of a mandatory training class I had to take. Ugh.

That I have a countdown going until The Color Run... 92 days.

That I stopped at Taco Bell on the way home from the library. It sounded really good, sue me.

That I haven't planned our trip to Nashville yet and it's getting closer and closer. Anyone have any input on the city? Where should we go? What should be do?

That I'm SUPER jealous of my aunt & uncle's trip to Alaska this summer. I would try to fit into their luggage if they didn't live in Georgia.

That I'm still trying to talk my dad into taking a trip to Bora Bora (or Australia) with me. He's ALMOST convinced.


What are you saying "It's Ok" to today?


Cait said...

aww i hate when vet bills are out of control -- hope your kitty is ok!

Kristina said...

Aw your a good wife. HOpe your hubby and kitty are doing ok. I was so sick over the weekend and my fiancé had to take care of me. I was useless!

Amanda Nicole said...

I'm going to Nashville next weekend! I've never been before, I can't wait!

Zara said...

OHHHH what I wouldn't give for Taco Bell right now. That sounds amazing. Too bad the closest Taco Bell is about a 45 minute drive :-(.

AND Bora Bora sounds amazing. Do you dive? It's one of the best places to if you do, if not, get certified!

Jennifer Corsi said...

I'm saying that it's ok that I've spent the past 2 hours figuring out our fielding and kicking lineup for my co-ed fun league kickball game that's tonight! Damnit we WILL win!