Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blue Jackets

Man, I love me some hockey! We've been going to Blue Jackets games lately and already bought a quarter package for next season. I'm aware that they're not very good but going to a game is still fun. Unless they're playing the Blackhawks. Then it's totally a Chicago home game and we feel like fools. *Sigh* How are there so many of their fans here?! And why do they cheer throughout the whole national anthem? I do not understand.

Tonight is fan appreciation night and the last game of the season. We'll get free t-shirts and play one last 50/50 raffle. Maybe this time we'll win! Probably not. Maybe there will be a fight! Now that's something you can usually count on. My favorite player on the Jackets team is Derek Dorsett.

He plays rough, hussels around and normally is pretty clutch for a fight. Most people like Rick Nash. Yea, he's ok but he doesn't try very hard sometimes, which leaves me frustrated. I wonder how much longer he will be a part of this team. Maybe he just looks like he's not trying because he's that good, who knows. So cheers to the end of the season. Let's hope the worst team in the western conference beats the 2nd worst team in the eastern conference! And if they don't, we'll still support them in October.

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