Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Matt Bomer

Is it possible to like this guy any more? The correct answer is no. 

He is superb. I think even my husband has a little crush on him. We're big fans of the show White Collar where he plays Neil Caffrey, a slick conman-turned-FBI consultant. I LOVE this show and the whole cast, but Matt Bomer is probably my favorite. Mozzie (Willie Garson) is my close second.

Yes, Matt Bomer is gay in real life. Who cares. I can still like him. His partner is a publicist named Simon Halls and they have 3 kiddos together (Kit, Walker & Henry). That doesn't make him any less appealing, if you ask me. He's a great actor, nice looking and seems to be an all around good person. He will guest star on Glee tonight as Blaine's older brother. I don't really watch the show much, but I cannot wait to see this episode. I've already watched clips from it on Youtube. 

Do you like this guy? Or is it just me? (Doubtful) Here's a couple more pictures just in case you need a little more convincing.

Yea, you're welcome.


Pohai Braun said...

haha ... i love this post! I'm just as big of a Bomer fan as you, maybe even bigger! :)

Anna Jimenez said...

absolutely love him. Even tho he is gay he is totally on my list still!

Alexia Tessier said...

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