Monday, April 30, 2012

Mr Mo

This is sort of gross. Consider yourself warned.

Our kitty, Santa has been sick. Last Monday we noticed him squatting all around the house like he was going to pee on the floor, which he never does, so we called the vet and took him in that night. Turns out he couldn't pee. He had a blocked bladder. If we had waited much longer to take him in, it would have gotten backed up and caused kidney failure which would have killed him!

He had to have a catheter to drain everything and the poor guy had a cone collar around his head when he woke up from the anesthesia. He was not pleased. The vet kept him for 3 nights to monitor him and make sure he starts the healing process.

My husband and I went to visit him a couple times which was sad. Some of you may be thinking "you visited your cat?!" but wouldn't you visit a family member in the hospital? It's the same to us.

The first time he was really pitiful looking with a swollen paw from the IV they had to give him. He stayed in the back of the cage, pissed off at the world. The second day we visited he looked much better! They moved the IV to the other paw and he was obviously feeling better.

We brought him home after 4 days, but the over the weekend he re-blocked. Apparently this is common but for some reason we thought it wouldn't happen to him. We had to call the emergency vet line and go in Sunday evening. He had surgery to remove all hit "bits & pieces" and get rewired to be more like a female cat Monday morning. Ouch and no thank you. Turns out female cats have better piping, who knew?

After another few days at the vet, we brought him home again only to have him start peeing blood, so back to the vet we went Sat morning. At this point we're getting a little tired of making the doctor's fancy Mercedes payments. Turns out he now has an infection from the surgery so they gave us a stronger antibiotic for him. 

We have him isolated in the bathroom with baby gates up as a "screen door" so we can poke our heads in and check on him from time to time. He's stopped eating, so that's yet another pill to administer. You can now feel his back bone. I can't blame him though, I don't like eating when I don't feel good either.

Hopefully we're FINALLY on the road to recovery now. In another 2 weeks we'll go back, get his stitches out and remove the collar from hell. Fingers crossed it's all down hill from here.

Here are some pictures of Santa (aka Mr Mo). The first one is with his cone, all drugged up right after the procedure.


Anonymous said...

I love that pic with the angry open mouth face...should caption that as...Monday ALREADY!!!

ammullen19 said...

Aw, poor guy! It's too bad pets can't tell us what's wrong. We once spent hundreds of dollars on xrays for Brady b/c he kept vomiting ; yeah, he was just constipated ....!!

Nikki said...

What were you feeding him, Allison?! haha Aw I love Brady. I would have done the same thing, hands down.