Wednesday, April 4, 2012

OCD, much?

We all have a little OCD in us, don't you think? I know I do, but not with "normal" things like washing your hands or turning off the light when you leave a room. I have to make EVERYTHING even/fair. Seriously. It's insane. I blame my parents for always making things even with my sister and I, which I loved. And now also hate, thankyouverymuch.

I'm talking like, if I throw a grape away because it fell on the floor or something, I have to throw away 2. Not only because I like even numbers, but so the grape in the trash isn't lonley. True story. The only thing this is good for is when I can say "I can't just eat 1 cookie, I have to make it even". See, now you wish you were a little OCD too, huh? Although, most people don't just eat one cookie anyway, but you get the point. And yes, I'm totally serious about the "so it's not lonely" thing. This part of my obsession, I blame on Toy Story. Yep, that movie scarred me for life. How sad when things get left behind and forgotten about? It's not fair. Scarred? Check.

I'm also totally OCD about putting dishes away when they come out of the dishwasher. I pull out the stack of plates and put the fresh, clean ones on the bottom of the pile. Same thing with silverware. And don't even get me started on cups. Everything has to be rotated through so each piece gets used and nothing collects dust in the back of the cabinet. Plus, it's only fair to the dishes, right? The ones in the back deserve a chance to make it to the table too. I cannot make this up, people. Believe it.

Are you catching my drift yet? I'm insane. Do you obsese over anything unusual? Ca'mon, you can admit it. I won't judge. Much.  


lil desiqua said...

Haha, I wouldn't want that grape (or cookie) to be lonely either, though I never really thought about it before! My one OCD tendency is my alarm clock. I check to make sure the alarm is set no less than 4 times. Every weeknight. (Maybe I have a thing for even numbers too?)

Christina said...

I have a big OCD with my kitchen and the way things are loaded into the dishwasher. My hubs won't even bother with the dishwasher because I want it 'just so' and will re-do it anyway.

And I feel like my inanimate objects have feelings. I don't go for food so much, more like my car, stuffed animals, house, ect.

Miranda said...

i also rotate my dishes...i have quite the system...and i relate with the even thing as well!