Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Chaos

Last Thursday I posed pics from last year's Thanksgiving so I feel the need for an update. Yes, we took another picture of everyone flipping the bird. Here ya go:

(Click to make 'em bigger)

Now be "normal"

Now be obnoxious

No, more obnoxious

My dad and sister

Typical for us

Me and the hubs

Sorry about the washed out bluriness.
My intoxicated sister is no bueno at taking pictures.
Oh, and that's a Thanksgiving tree not a Christmas tree. Don't get it twisted.
And yes, it was also a Halloween tree before this. My family is festive.
No, my sister & I didn't know the other was going to wear purple.
But I'm pretty sure my cousin's planned to both wear the stripes.
They're cool like that. No big deal.

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Sue Demski said...

Very funny pics in there, looks like a fun loving family. can't wait to see the Christmas edition.