Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Go Bucks!

It’s official. I can check something off my “30 before 30” list! I attended my very first Ohio State football game this past Saturday and LOVED it.
I went with my aunt, uncle and cousin and got onto campus and parked by 9am. We walked to McDonald’s for breakfast and then headed over to St John Arena for the “skull session” with The Best Damn Band In The Land. If you’ve never been, it’s almost like a pep-rally for 10,000 people before the game. The band played, obviously, and coach Fickell and the team came in to say a few words then we left to get across the street to the stadium.
We wanted to do the standard O-H-I-O pose before we went in, so we found a stranger who looked reliable enough not to run away with my camera and snapped a couple pictures. We headed to our seats and watched the band do Script Ohio, which was pretty cool. I’ve seen it on tv, but it’s different when you’re there for some reason. Much cooler.
My cousin and I sat together while my aunt and uncle were a couple sections down from us. We had great seats on the end of a row too, but by about the 2nd quarter, the guy next to us asked to switch because his knee hurt or something and wanted to rest it up on the steps. I hesitated, then unenthusiastically said “okay”. How do you say no?! Ugh. So much for being able to get good pictures without people’s heads in them. I wasn’t thrilled. The weirdest part was that he left his girlfriend on the other side of us so now we’re sitting between this couple. Whatever. 

The game was close the whole time so it made it interesting. We learned all the things the crowd does during commercial breaks too. Instead of the typical wave, the student section would start out yelling “O”, then one side of the stadium yells “H”, then the other end zone yells “I” and the final said, “O” and it starts over. Very cool when over 100,000 people are doing it. We were in the sun most of the game so it was actually really warm, and me being Snow White, came home with a sun burnt face. Yep, in November. Only me.

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