Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get this mama an umbrella, we're having a shower!

I'm a little behind on things, but this past weekend I went to my friend Olivia's baby shower. She received lots of nice gifts and a good time was had by all. The cake that Anna Marie's Cakery did was captial A-mazing! (Look her up on Facebook!) Liv isn't telling anyone the name of the baby yet so it'll be a surprise in January, which I kinda like. I wish this growing family the very best and can't wait to meet Baby J! Now if she could only get her husband to put together the crib and paint the nursery! Since I'm feeling lazy, I will sum everything else up in pictures!

Are you surrounded by babies or pregnant people like I am?!


ashley said...

YES!!! I swear I am the new minority; an upper twenty-something with no children & not pregnant!

Miranda said...

i do have a child but it seems like around the time i got pregnant, everyone else did! it is like a baby boom!

Olivia said...

You were A-Mazing at taking photo's at the shower! Thanks for being such a wonderful friend :)
Baby Boom indeed, you're next :)