Thursday, November 17, 2011

Its Ok Thursdays
It's Ok...
To almost break into song at work with your iPod headphones on forgetting others would be able to hear you because you're not working from home that day, then play it off like a cough. Makes me chuckle thinking about it even now.
To not put up a Christmas tree this year or lights on the house just because you don't wanna. We are borrowing a tiny 2 foot tree from my husband's grandma though so it's a little festive, but the cat's can't climb it and knock off it's ornaments. Because it doesn't have any.
To eat 3 cups of cereal in the morning instead of the recommended 1 cup serving. What? I'm starving!
To think about getting rid of Facebook. I talk about this all the time, but I'm addicted. But I hate it. Yet I love it. I always feel good about my life until I log on and see how many other cooler things people do. Then I feel like a loser. It's a vicious cycle and a preventable one, but I can't hit the delete button!
To know almost everything you're getting for Christmas because you picked it out and it's sitting in your guest room teasing you each day because you can't have it yet. Cruel. Maybe my husband will wrap it so I forget what I got.
To have nothing in your fridge except the staples: Brita water, butter, ketchup, mustard, italian dressing, soy sauce and jelly. Not because we're poor, but because we really only buy enough meals for 1 week at a time and we skipped the store this week because we're lazy. We will never be those people who pack their fridge so full that you can't fit another single jar in and half the things have gone bad, but you didn't know because they got pushed to the back. Gives me chills!
What are you saying "It's Ok" to today?


Emily said...

I'm a new follower from Neely's link up! I LOVE cereal & eat entirely too much of it in one sitting too! Happy Thursday

krys said...

cereal serving sizes lie! :)

Angel said...

I eat cereal like that all the time! and my fridge looks like yours!

Stephanie said...

I break into song ALL the time while at work. My co-workers tend to make fun of me, but when I start feelin' a song, I can't help but sing aloud :)

Miranda said...

i eat way more than the recommended serving of cup is just not enough!

Anonymous said...

Great list! Who eats 1 cup of cereal?? Not me!!

BTW LOVE your blog description!!!

♥ Shia

Nikki said...

Emily, thanks for following. I shall return the favor :)

Shia, thanks for the kind words about my description!

Everyone else who loves cereal, keep fighting the good fight of protesting ludicrous serving sizes ;)

Cara said...

I am with you on Facebook....I have been contemplating deleting for a while...I just can't bring myself to do it