Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Could you spell that for me?

Since it seems like everyone I know is having a baby soon, or just had a baby, I want to write about naming a child. I don't have any of my own but I dread the day that my husband and I have to agree on a name for another human being. We will never agree. Naming animals is one thing. You can call a dog Pickles and people like it. But if you name your son Critter, the poor guy will be scarred for life.

Since I grew up with a uncommon name, I've always thought that's what I would want for my kid too. I only know one other Nicolette and I love that. I know there are more, but what I'm saying is it's not like Jennifer or something. Oh wait, that's my sister's name. Sucks for you Jenny! (JK) I also like when names are spelled differently than the "normal" spelling. For example, my niece's name is Kynsleigh. I've only ever seen it spelled Kinsley before so her way is better, in my opinion. But I may be bias on that one.

The problem with almost any name is that at some point you'll be asked to spell it. Even when I say my name and then spell it out like a child "'N' as in nice, 'I' as in indigo, 'C' as in cat...." people still don't know how to say it. Then there are the telemarketers who butcher or shorten it. Even a couple people I work with still call me Nicole. In the words of  The Ting Tings, that's not my name. By the way, one of the worst songs ever, yet I still quoted it. Disturbing.

The new names my friends and family have chosen recently are Leah, Elaina, Kynsleigh, Tenley, and Ethan. All good choices if you ask me. But how do you come up with a name? Isn't it a lot of pressure?! Are you one of those people who have a couple names picked out and say you won't know which name it will be until you see the baby? I don't get that personally. Or maybe you've chosen not to find out the gender so you have to pick a boy and girl name. I don't think I could stand not-knowing, but that's half the fun for many folks. A friend of mine is having her baby in January but she's not telling anyone the name. Maybe that's the way to go. But I wish she'd slip up and say it because I'm dying to know!

I hate when people say "ugh, so-and-so named their baby what I wanted to name mine!" although, I have thought it. I cannot lie. But at least I don't post it on Facebook for the world to see. Plus, how can you call dibs on a name for a baby you're not even pregnant with? You can't. But each time someone gets pregnant, I secretly think "oh I hope they don't pick a name I have on my ever-changing 'when I get pregnant 10 years from now' list". And no, I will not tell you what my favorite names are because then someone will steal it and I will be bitter. So sorry.

So what names do you love or hate?


Miranda said...

we found out the gender because i am so impatient and we had 3 names picked out for a few months and then narrowed it down to 2. We didn't chose Mason's name till 1 hr after he was born (it was my choice) but I was hopped up on morphine and didn't want to make the wrong choice. i think i knew that i wanted the name mason all along but it is such pressure because the kid will live with this name! it is a pain the in the butt having to agree with your husband because i loved so many names and they got vetoed! oh and i don't mind names spelled different like Hailey/Haylee but sometime people go a little toooo far! (sorry for the short book i wrote haha)

lauren.leet said...

I liked different spellings of names too until I became a kindergarten teacher and had to teach kids how to write their names! lol

Anonymous said...

I'm a advocate for correct name is Melissa spelled my entire life my name has been spelled wrong by tons of people can't buy any of those cute things with your name printed on it if you have a name that is spelled wrong!

♥ Shia (nickname...yeah I picked one now that no one can can I saw...I'm a mess.)