Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've died and gone to... jail?

Arrested Development is coming back! Is it my birthday?!

If you don't know what it is, you better Google it or we can't be friends anymore. This has to be one of my favorite TV shows ever. But wait! Not only are they bringing back the show, but they're making a movie!! I mean seriously people, is this a dream?

The original series didn't last long (2003-2006) but I blame that on FOX! They didn't advertise it enough so no one knew it existed! Now lots of people have seen it, thanks to Hulu and it's making a come back. Rumor has it that the original cast will stay intact too, which is super important. Can you imagine someone else playing Gob?! Appalling. One of my favorite quotes of the series has to be when Gob is taking about his magic... "Illusions Michael, tricks are something whores do for money!" Best. Show. Ever. Cannot wait for it to start!  

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ammullen19 said...

And then after Gob notices the kids listening to his conversation, he adds "Or cocaine."
Love this show. Top three favorite parts- when Tobias leaves blue hand prints all over the house, when the Mary Poppins puppet keeps hitting Michael in little Britain, and when Michael can't remember Ann's name.... or even that she exists.... and calls her things like Yam and Egg.