Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK... get angry when people use fonts you can't read on their blogs strongly detest stainless steel appliances like acoustic music better that the over produced CD version of the song get REALLY pissed when people cancel plans with you be pissed about said cancelled plans several days later (my biggest pet peeve) make to-do lists and include things you've already done that day just to cross them off and feel like you've accomplished something already put off reading People magazine until you have a stack of 4 or 5 at a time (stupid weekly magazine subscription, who has time for this) not renew People magazine when it runs out this month not renew Sirius radio because I'm cheap frugal STILL be pissed about cancelled plans (seriously people, it's the worst in my book... I may even dedicate a whole post just to this topic soon, lucky you) follow blogs just because you like their background design or title wonder why I only have 15 followers. I'm brand new to blogging, but everyone likes the pick-me-up of logging in to see you have a new follower realize that statement sounded a little desperate. Laugh. Don't over think it.


Holly said...

To make to do lists and include things you've already done just to cross them off. Sooo guilty of this haha. But it does feel good to actually cross some things off the never ending list :)

Happy Thursday!

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Christina said...

I agree with the plans thing. It's one thing if something important came's another thing is they bail on you for something that can wait.

Miranda said...

Guilty about the to-do list thing as well! it feels so good just to cross things off! can't stand the font thing as well! if it hurts my eyes then I am not going to read it!

lauren.leet said...

I read your blogs weekly but don't know how to "follow" you!

Anonymous said...

girl i've been blogging a year and i only have 11 subscriptions and i doubt very highly that people religiously read my blog. there's no way i'm that interesting. i feel you there. i feel like it's christmas morning when i wake up and there's a comment on my blog!

Holly said...

I LOVE acoustic versions!!!! So much better than the CD. I feel the same way about plans and I do the same with the lists haha :) I didn't have a lot of followers for the longest time. I started doing a lot of link ups to meet other bloggers and I seriously went from 20 to 100 in 5 months!! It'll get there, just takes some time :)

Hey, I am having a blogger swap for people with lists (like 101 in 1001 and 30 before 30). I saw you have a 30 before 30 list and wanted to see if you'd be interested?! Check it out and let me know!

Thanks, have a great weekend!!