Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Unlock it!

You should may know that the NHL is going through a lock out that began on Sept 15th.

Being a Blue Jackets fan is tough these days. Our team is already terrible, but we continue to purchase tickets and support our team time and time again. Why? Because that's what fans do. We pay for over priced food at the concession stands and cheer too loud at times but we show up. Shouldn't the players be expected to do the same. We're just asking for them to show up. Sounds easy enough. They don't even have to win, we just want to see a game. I understand that it's not just that they don't want to, it's all about money. I think it's ridiculous. Both the ownership and the players need to figure it out soon because they've now cancelled games through November and are already talking about cutting the whole month of December as well.

Then there's the All Star game. Columbus has been lucky enough to host this year but it doesn't look like they're going to go through with it. How can they play an All Star game if none of the teams have stepped foot on the ice for an actual competition yet this year? I'll be super bummed if they announce that it's cancelled. Until I get my money back for the tickets I already bought, that might make it feel a little better. I'm pretty sure we're up to almost $400 with all the cancellations on our quarter season ticket package. I guess that means more money for Christmas. No, actually we'll probably just save it. How boring.

If women were running the show, we would have this whole thing figured out by now. Here's how it would go...

Players: "We want more money"
Ownership: "No, we want more money, but we'd settle for a hockey themed party. You can find ideas on Pinterest" 
Players: "Wait, we want a hockey themed party!"

On second thought, we would probably not help the situation. Silly women and their parties.

I hope this whole thing gets figured out soon, but I probably won't be buying tickets next year because of it. They should know not to piss off the fans. I know this isn't just a Blue Jackets issue, but I wouldn't be surprised if they go kaput and Columbus no longer has a hockey team. They've already been struggling so I hope this isn't the last straw. 

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