Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok...
To not like Cracker Barrel... or ihop, or really any other breakfast place.
To never have been to a drive-in movie theatre.
To pick at blisters on your feet until they're raw. Don't judge me.
To think couponing isn't worth the effort. At all.
To giggle every time ping pong table tennis is mentioned as an Olympic sport game.
To eat dinner at 4:30... and again around 7.
To go visit family just to eat at the delicious place you can only get back home.
When you remember that you have leftovers from said restaurant the next day. Yes!
To let your 19 month old niece play with the cat toys. What? They fit perfectly in her hand.  
To be angry about the possibility that may start charging taxes.
To cry when athletes take the stand to receive their Olympic medals. Totally overwhelming.
To have our 7 year old neighbor say "my mom wants to know why you guys are never outside. You only take out the trash and check the mail". Well don't make us sound like the creepers on the block who hide in our house, geez! In reality, we're outside a LOT, just not at home. Mostly at a park, bike path, festival etc. Although our pale skin would make you think otherwise. Touché, kid.  
What are you saying "it's ok" to today?


Jenille Thibault said...

New follower from Its ok!

I love your post and I really like your blog! Can't wait to read more :)

Lauren said...

HAHA! I think you and I will get along just fine. I read some of your other posts, too, and I love how real you are! My husband told me I needed to keep my opinions to myself because most of the time I come off as I will be living vicariously through your blog. LOL!

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Okay two things ... (i) I am totally with you on couponing not worth it!! and (ii) I was literally just telling someone how I cannot help but crack up when I see people battling it out at ping pong!

♥ Shia

Ashley said...

Ok it is officially we are so going to go to a drive in movie!! I can't believe you have never been!!! And yes I totally agree that coupons are not worth it. Even if I try and clip them I always forget about them when I go to the grocery:)

Alyssa said...

Eww! I don't like Cracker Barrel or IHOP either! I think they're both gross and I don't understand all the good fuss about either place haha.