Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Hour Monday

I'm linking up again with Ellie and Jac for Happy Hour! You should too! It's simple. List 5 things you have on the brain lately and poof, you have a new blog post. Here we go...

1.) Gatorade - I cannot get enough of this stuff lately. It's an addiction really. Sometimes I think I run just so I can buy more of it. I got a coupon for a free Gatorade at Speedway and nearly peed my pants with excitement. Yep. Grape is my fav in case anyone ever wants to buy me some.

2.) Kayaking - If you've never gone kayaking before, you're missing out. I love floating down the river on a nice evening with the hubs. We just bought a couple from my cousin (thanks Patty) and will be picking them up whenever the roof rack to transport them gets delivered to our house. More on this later.

3.) Teleworking - I work from home 3 days a week. I love it. Plain and simple, it's the only thing that keeps me sane anymore. The people I work with talk all day long at the office and it's next to impossible to get anything accomplished. Don't mind that Applebees screen on the picture below, I was looking up their menu on my lunch break.

4.) The Cincinnati Reds - Can anyone else believe that they're the number one team in baseball right now? Unreal. Even with our best player on the DL at the moment, they're doing well. There's nothing better than to see your team win and for Reds fans, this has been a long time coming. Man, I love baseball.

5.) Karma Checks - One year for my birthday I told my husband that I wanted these. His response "only if you promise to never give them out to anyone in my presence". Deal. It's like a checkbook with good karma checks on one side and bad karma checks on the other. An example of a good one would be "Thanks so much for letting us sit at your table for so long and enjoy a nice... slow... meal. Other place, other servers, would hurry us out to turn over the table. We're tipping you the best we can, but aside from that, we just want you to know how much we appreciate your not making us feel like gastro criminals". An example of a bad one would be "I'm sure there's a good reason for the 37 things in your cart, so I'm assuming you're not just a rude line crasher who thinks the rest of us are just waiting behind you because we love reading the headlines of the National Enquirer. We just want to remind you that the express lane serves an important purpose in the higher plan of grocery-store civility. Best wishes from your comrades in line". Wouldn't you love to give these out?! The bad ones are way more fun than the good.

So there you have it. Does anyone else love these things? Happy Monday everyone :]

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