Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Hour

Today I'm linking up with Ellie and Jac for Happy Hour Monday! (It's new, get on board.)

The idea is to list 5 things that you're diggin' these days. Simple, right? Let's jump right into it:

1.) Vaseline - You heard me. I'll pause while you get your mind out of the gutter... Anyway, I put it on my toes when I run. It prevents blisters and Lord knows I get 'em like a teenager gets acne. I also have the fancier runner version called Body Glide but Vaseline does the same thing, comes in a bigger container and is about $9 cheaper. Need I say more?  

2.) Running - In case you skipped number 1 for some crazy reason and didn't know, I run. I ran cross country and track back in the day from 7th grade until my freshman year of college when I decided I'd had enough. I wish I never stopped because getting back into shape is no joke. I've completed two 1/2 marathons in the past couple years. Throw in a couple 5k's and call it a day. No, it's not always easy but it makes me feel good so I make time for it. No more excuses, just results.

3.) Jack's Mexican Pizza - Delicious. That's the only way to describe it. You should really try it! Actually, don't. That will leave more for me at the store.    

4.) Sherwin Williams Color Snap App - Have you seen this thing? It's so cool. You snap a picture of anything you want and it will match a paint color to it. Of course we had to see what color our eyes were according to ol' SW. The report? Mine are "Deep Sea Dive" and my husband's are "Loyal Blue". This will come in handy next time we want to paint.

5.) Backpacker magazine - This magazine is great! It makes me want to get outside and hike, no doubt. It tells you fantastic trails to take, what to buy, better yet, what not to buy and so much more. If I could travel the world, this is the magazine I would take with me to scout out all the places to find amazing views and solitude. Plus, it has great tips and facts.

So there you have it. I have these 5 favs on the brain today. What are you loving?

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Jacqueline said...

Eeeks! Thank you for linking up today!! I was an awful, awful procrastinator this weekend and I JUST now got the linky tool up and my post. Massive fail kind of thing, ugh!! If you get a chance will you head over there {} and link up?! Thanks sweet pea! I'm off to explore your blog now!!! :):)