Friday, February 3, 2012

The library... my new obsession

"A library's function is to give the public in the quickest and cheapeast way information, inspiration, and recreation." -Melvil Dewey 

Never before did I know you could rent new DVD's and CD's! Yes, I live under a rock with the rolly-pollies. Sure, you may be #27 on the waiting list for a movie that just came out on DVD, but when you get it, it's FREE to watch. You can't beat that. I love Redbox and everything, but if I can save even $1, I will. I rent CD's and copy them to my computer for my iPod! How did I not know this was possible before?? I had to look up how many I could have checked out at one time because I was so excited! The answer is 30, by the way. Look at all the wonderful things that come from being in possession of one tiny piece of plastic!

The best part is that I can go online and reserve books, CD's and DVD's in the comfort of my own home. When they've been returned and are ready for pick-up, I get an email. No more searching the shelves. I walk back to the "reserve" section, find my name, grab my loot, self checkout and I'm on my way. It doesn't get any easier. How can other folks not take your book on the "reserve" shelf, you ask? Because the computer is smart and knows it's on hold for someone else. Trust me, I've tried it. Not on purpose, I don't go around trying to steal other people's holds! I tried to check out something for my husband on my card and it denied it because it was reserved on his card. Oops. Next time you think about paying for music, movies or books, hop on your library's website. I bet they have what you're looking for. One second thought, go ahead and buy it. The less people on the library wait lists, the better it is for me.

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Monica said...

Ooh I really need to check out the library by me, its like 2 blocks over!