Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's Ok...
To get all your music from the library from now on. Download it to your computer, return it, put it on your iPod. Done. It's like I've won the music lottery, people.

To be excited about getting money back on my taxes for working from home 3 days a week! Teleworking just gets better and better.

To start to read a book, decide it sucks, skip around a few chapters wanting to like it and take it back. Did I mention how much I love the library?

To eat a salami sandwich with nothing but bread, meat and ketchup. Don't judge me. 

To eat hot dog buns with ONLY ketchup. Best. Thing. Ever. Although I'm not sure why my Grandma used to give me those... were we always out of hot dogs? I was perpetuating the classic problem of hot dogs coming in packs of 10 and buns in packs of 8.

To be annoyed when they have to vacuum the floors around you at work. Can't you see I'm trying to blog here? Must I move now?

To text your sister saying "It's 60 degrees in Ohio today! This is a homeless man's dream winter!" only for her to say "Weirdo!" in return.

To not have seen my BFF in months. (Hi Danielle!) It sucks living almost 2 hours apart. Thank God for email, seriously. I would be so sad without it.

To wash grapes with a tiny bit of soap. Wait, is that gross? I just hate the film they have!

To be VERY excited about my cousin finally getting married! Cannot wait to go to Georgia in the fall. Wine country in the north GA mountains? Yes, please.


Jenn said...

Ok, you just blew my mind with this whole renting music from the library thing. Say whaaaaat???

I do not judge your salami sandwich-ness. I think it's awesome! :) (Have you had Taylor Pork Roll? It's like the perfect combo of bacon and mouth is watering just thinking about it. It's perfect on an egg sandwich in the morning!)

Nikki said...

Yes, rent the CD's! It's amazing. Who knew?! I've been wasting money for years haha Check your local library, stat!

I've never heard of Taylor Pork Roll, but I just Googled it so now I'll have to try it :)

Victoria said...

nice list :)

i hate when a book sucks, but i too skip around just in case it gets better....although it ususally doesn't.

happy thursday!

Monica said...

Great list! I need to try the library for CD's! I text my stepmom in Florida something similar about the weather!

Miranda said...

what an amazing idea to get music! i am definitely going to do that now! have a great thursday! :)

Courtney Johnson said...

Seriously laughed out loud over the text you sent your sister....

lori said...

love the text you sent to your sister!

and i understand living far away from your bff. im about an hour and a half from mine and i do not see her nearly often enough.

Sassy Ms Ginger said...

I do the same thing with books. If I don't like it it is going back. Our library doesn't let us copy music, I wish it did though, that would be great. I love your heading! I don't fall into that category either! I am a new follower from Neely!