Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't take this personally...

Why does everyone feel the need to personalize all their crap purses, towels, socks, flasks etc? Folks put their initials on everything now. Oh happy day!

I mean really people, why is this appealing? Oh, because you like your initials? That's great, who cares. What if you want to sell said item on Ebay later? Oh, you can't because it's personalized? Darn. Oh, you wouldn't sell a personalized item because it's special to you? Really? That $20 bag is "special"? Give me a break. Don't even get me started on Things Remembered.

For those of you living in a cave, this store has a bunch of random shiny garbage that you can put your name or initials on. Maybe even a love note if you make it short. This is the go-to store for couples getting married for easy bridesmaid/groomsman gifts. Why? Because everyone likes personalized gifts, right? Oh, you don't either? Hmm that's odd.

Now don't get it twisted, I have received some nice personalized items in my life and I honestly appreciated them. I swear. But given the choice, no way in hell would I pick something with my initials on it. I'm not sure why I have this hatred off 3 letter logos. Maybe I just don't understand it. My initials aren't bad (NEL), in fact I quite like them. But I don't need it plastered on everything I own. If the item belongs to you, I'm not going to take it, so why the need to brand it? If you're on a team of some sort and you all have the same gym bags, then ok, put your name on it... on the pocket... in very small writing... in permanent marker. That I can deal with. Perhaps I'm just not girly enough for the frilliness of it all.    

What about the creepers who see your child's name on their book bag and call out to them. "Connor! Over here! I'm a friend of your dad's, he asked me to pick you up from school today"... need I go on? Yea, chew on that. I will never put my kid's names on anything that leaves the house. Toothbrush, maybe. But only if I have septuplets and the color coding doesn't seem to do the trick. (By the way, no thank you, and ouch.)  

Do you partake in this epedemic?


Monica said...

I dont think I own anything personalized but my mother & sister are suckers for those things...don't get it

Anonymous said...

I admit...I do have a gym bag with my name on it and bought my lil niece a matching bookbag...but we just put her initial because we didn't want someone yelling out her name like you stated in your post. Other than that I am with you on ... not everything needs to be monogrammed! Also, is it just me ... but your last initial in the middle is just confusing.